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The One Bible

A daily companion to help guide you and lead you to live the life God planned for you. You can personalize your Bible Studies and grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The One Bible is completely free without any in-app purchases or annoying ads - the way it should be. Engage with your own private Religious Community! Share devotion, bible verses, and gospel to each other and have a safe space outside the clamor of social media!

About The One Bible

Your modern Bible app and convey the gospel into your daily living. Read, listen and highlighting of your favorite bible verses all in one app! Seek wisdom by reading daily devotions and be reflective of our daily life conveniently from our smartphones. Make devotion enjoyable by highlighting verses, adding bookmarks and personal notes. Derive Inner Peace and reconnect your purpose, community and with God by listening to the preachings and worship songs.

Word of the Day

Word of the Day

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Bible On The Go

Find the right Bible version for you! Reading and studying of the Bible might be a little tricky and hard to understand alone, that's why we provided different Bible versions for you to compare with and help clarify passages of Bible verses and see it in a different perspective.

Worship Songs & Podcast

Enjoy listening to your favorite worship songs, listen to devotions, preaching or podcast of your Christian Leader, Pastors and More!

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Church Community

Your church, specific community services can create their own group with TheOne – Bible app! Enjoy sharing devotions, church updates, services and more!

Encourage, Motivate, Understand

Our mission is to reach, connect and lead people into a growing relationship with God. Rescue the unconnected, broken and lost people to become passionate and devoted followers of Christ.

Unite all bible readers with TheOne bible community, that can help each other to understand the word of God. Church community can also create their own private page, they can update the services schedule, recap all their homily and connect on each and every member of their church.

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App Ratings & Reviews

We heard your feedback and reviews. People loving our The One Bible App, start reading now and rate us!

I'm quite impressed with the overall designed and ideal for personal bible studies. I loved this application..

Manny Golpo Avatar
Manny Golpo
The One Bible - User

I enjoy that this app gives you access to tons of bible versions so it's easy to compare different ways of expressing a passage of scripture. It is also dependable. if your device fails, you can reinstall the app & not loose any of your notes, highlighted verses, etc., as long as you use your same sign in info! The big worry of moving your heart & soul from a printed version to a digital is gone. Your stuff syncs across your devices. This is God's word in a modern technology. Thanks.

Enancye Efedorovb Avatar
Enancye Efedorovb
The One Bible - User

I love this app because it allows me to access almost every translation of the Bible. It's easy to use, and a good way to search the Bible much like a concordance. The graphics of the verse of the day plus the ability to create a graphic of any Bible verse I choose with my own photos has been a great tool for sharing Bible texts on social media.

Maksim James Avatar
Maksim James
The One Bible - User

This software has been used since the moment it was released, and it has always been very useful.

Subcontinent Avatar
The One Bible - User

It is indispensable in life, application services are getting better and better, and the quality of goods is guaranteed.

Nicolaisen Bybee Avatar
Nicolaisen Bybee
The One Bible - User

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