Daily Devotion

January 4, 2024
Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.
Luke 2:14

What has the Lord shown you?

The angels declare the glory of God, emphasizing the divine nature and significance of the moment. The angels announce the arrival of peace on earth, a direct result of the birth of Jesus, who brings reconciliation between God and humanity. The peace proclaimed is specifically for those on whom God's favor rests, signifying the transformative and gracious impact of God's love.

How do you obey it?

  • Share the Good News: Share the good news of Jesus, who brings peace between God and humanity. Communicate the transformative message of the Gospel, inviting others to experience the peace that comes through a relationship with Christ.
  • Embrace God's Peace: Seek and embrace the peace that comes from God. Understand that true and lasting peace is found in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Pursue inner peace and contribute to peace in your relationships and community.
  • Give Glory to God: Orient your life to give glory to God. Acknowledge and celebrate the greatness, majesty, and splendor of God in your thoughts, words, and actions.
  • Live in God's Favor: Live in a way that aligns with God's favor. This involves seeking to live according to God's principles, following His commandments, and expressing trust and faith in Him.
  • Express Gratitude: Express gratitude for God's glory, peace, and favor. Cultivate a heart of thankfulness for the gift of salvation and the opportunity to live in harmony with God.
  • Extend Peace to Others: Actively contribute to peace on earth by promoting harmony, understanding, and reconciliation in your relationships and community. Be a peacemaker and seek to resolve conflicts in a spirit of love.


In the quiet stillness of that Bethlehem night, the chorus of heaven erupted with a proclamation that echoed through time: "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests" (Luke 2:14). This divine anthem encapsulates the essence of the Christmas message—a proclamation of glory, peace, and divine favor. As we reflect on Luke 2:14, our hearts are drawn to the magnitude of God's love. The birth of Jesus is a symphony of glory, a revelation of God's splendor breaking into human history. In this divine melody, peace descends to earth, bridging the gap between heaven and the hearts of humanity. The favor of God, expressed through the gift of His Son, is extended to all who will receive.


Heavenly Father, In the words of the angels' song, we hear the resounding proclamation of Your glory and the promise of peace on earth. We thank You for the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who brings reconciliation and divine favor to humanity. As we celebrate the birth of the Savior, may our hearts be attuned to the heavenly chorus. May the peace that surpasses understanding reign in our lives, and may we walk in the assurance of Your favor. Let the glory of this moment resonate in our souls, inspiring us to share the message of hope and love with the world. In the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, we pray. Amen.

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